Power of Partnerships in Philanthropy

A message from the Women's College Hospital Foundation

Chaim Cutler and Debbie Simpson

As we approach the 140th anniversary of Women’s College Hospital, we are tremendously grateful and proud of the unwavering support and generosity of our community of donors – who have admirably and repeatedly come together to support and take a stand for equity and to ensure that the unique needs of women are considered in research and in care. This year has been no exception in showcasing the power of partnership.

Despite the challenges of a shifting social and economic landscape, our donor community has remained steadfast in their commitment and determination to drive transformational healthcare system change – a true testament to the passion of our community and belief in the shared values and mission of Women’s College Hospital.

Because of our exceptional community of donors, our Foundation was able to raise over $16 million for our hospital, while providing over $8 million in funding directly to several vital, groundbreaking programs and positions across the hospital.

From research that explores new methods of heart disease prevention in women, to new state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging equipment that will significantly shorten wait times for screening and provide earlier detection of cancers to save lives, our donors have made this possible.

It is through this power of partnership that, together with our Hospital, we are creating real and immeasurable change – for our patients, communities, and the health system. As we thank our donor community for their steadfast commitment and support of this incredible hospital, we in turn applaud the staff, nurses, physicians, learners, and volunteers of Women’s College Hospital who are leading a healthcare revolution in the name of equity.

From the entire staff and board at Women’s College Hospital Foundation, we wholeheartedly thank you for your commitment, generosity, and support.

We look forward to another 140 years of partnership that will continue to drive transformational change.

Chaim Cutler, CPA CA
Interim President and CEO, CFO
Women’s College Hospital Foundation

Debbie Simpson
Chair, Board of Directors
Women’s College Hospital Foundation